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Dimera Incorporated is a specialized west coast biotechnology company dedicated to discovering novel medical concepts to address important medical needs (i.e., the leading cause of death and dysfunction, which is heart and blood vessel disease).

Dimera focuses on developing safe and effective medicines to reduce the risk of heart disease and blood vessel dysfunction by discovering and treating causes--rather than symptoms. This more arduous path has important virtues, importantly responding on target to unmet needs while simultaneously avoiding or minimizing side-effects.

The result of this rational approach is a new prescription medicine, DP9, which has progressed through 2 of 3 phases of FDA randomized controlled clinical trials, that promises to solve the unmet need revealed by the large Women's Health Initiative clinical trial of Prempro (which contained medroxyprogesterone acetate, or MPA). Our Nature Clinical Practice Cardiovascular Medicine review contrasts the beneficial heart and blood vessel actions of progesterone on the heart with the ineffectiveness and uncertainties of commonly prescribed MPA.

Alert for Women

Heart and cardiovascular dysfunction in women are the leading cause of mortality, but are not generally recognized as the most significant risk and thus represent an especially critical unmet need.

Creating DP9, the 1st Heart Drug for Women, required new discoveries of differences between what typically causes heart disease in women, as compared with men, that is discussed on the pages of this website.